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What should you know about coronary stent system?

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Coronary stent system is also known as cardiac stent, which is a common medical device in cardiac interventional surgery. Coronary stent system is an intravascular supporter made of metal stainless steel or other special materials. Coronary stent system has good plasticity and geometric stability.

What are the advantages of coronary stent system?

What is the structure of coronary stent system?

What are the uses of coronary stent system?

What are the advantages of coronary stent system?

Coronary stent system has advanced laser bonding technology, which ensures that the balloon has the smallest contour and better penetration ability.

Cutting edge laser forming technology of coronary stent system enhances the good performance of passing through narrow lesions.

Coronary stent system is made of cobalt chromium alloy, providing lasting support and better fatigue resistance.

The extremely low profile makes coronary stent system easier to pass through narrow lesions and ensures excellent penetrability.

Mesh structure and low shrinkage stent coronary stent system contains ensure accurate release.

Coronary stent system is suitable for the treatment of stenosis in human coronary artery and saphenous vein grafts.

What is the structure of coronary stent system?

Coronary stent system consists of support and conveying system.

The support is made of cobalt chromium alloy, whose surface is completely covered with amorphous silicon carbide coating. The support is divided into three designs: small one that support diameter of 2 to 3mm, medium one that support diameter of 3.5 to 4mm and large one with support diameter of 4.5 to 5mm.

The delivery system is a fast exchange PTCA catheter with an effective length of 140cm. The balloon is made of polyether block amide. The outer tube of the catheter is made of nylon and the inner tube of the catheter is made of HDPE. The proximal end of the catheter is coated with hydrophobic coating and the distal end is coated with hydrophilic coating.

In order to facilitate the observation and positioning of the support under fluoroscopy, the support is set between two ray detectability marks. The proximal rod of the coronary stent system is a sea wave tube with a port to connect the balloon for filling and retracting the balloon. The catheter cavity starts at the head end of the conveying system and ends at the guide wire penetration point with 29cm away from the distal end. The conveying system is compatible with guide wire with diameter of 0.014mm and guide tube with inner diameter than 0.056mm.

To understand when the head of the delivery system passes through the guide tube, there are shaft rod penetration marks on the sea wave tube at 92cm and 102cm from the distal end of the delivery system. The shaft seat is equipped with a snap in sea wave tube clamp frame, which should be used when the support system is placed on the preparation platform.

What are the uses of coronary stent system?

Coronary stent system is sterilized with cyclohexane. Coronary stent system can be used for one time with a validity period of three years.

Coronary stent system is used for long-term implantation in the lumen of narrow coronary artery or aortic coronary artery bridging vessel so as to keep the vessel unobstructed after acute or subacute coronary artery occlusion. It can also be used for restenosis or arterial dissection after PTCA.

Coronary stent system is composed of microporous surface support with sandblasting expected to be implanted into human body and balloon expansion catheter as delivery system.

Use the delivery system to enter the lesion site of coronary artery through femoral artery or radial artery. Complete coronary stent system implantation through several steps, such as guide wire positioning, balloon delivery, balloon pre expansion, stent release and so on.

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