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How does inflation device work?

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In the process of clinical infusion and nursing, the high-quality inflation device has effectively improved the quality of intravenous infusion. In the application of a series of supporting devices such as inflation device, the relevant venous guide keys and corresponding functions have been brought into better play.

What is the inflation device composed of?

How does inflation device work?

How to choose high-quality inflation device?

What is the inflation device composed of?

Although the inflation device is used in the medical field, it is still a kind of pump product, which will produce pressure like other types of pumps. Therefore, one of the important components of the inflation device is the pointer pressure gauge. The main function of the pointer pressure gauge is to display the pressure. With the pointer pressure gauge, the medical staff can accurately understand the current pressure during operation to ensure that there will be no overpressure and undervoltage during the stamping process of the balloon. When in use, the inflation device has good stability of pointer deflection and the small tap displacement ensuring accurate pressure reading.

Another important part of the inflation device is the charging device, which is composed of connecting pipe, injection cylinder, rod core, outer cone self-locking device and handle. When using the inflation device, each part of the stamping device will generate pressure through movement. The pressure will be injected into the balloon through the connecting pipe. When the pressure is generated in the balloon, the pointer pressure gauge will change. The medical staff only need to choose whether to continue to use the stamping device to pressurize or relieve the pressure according to the reading on the pressure gauge.

How does inflation device work?

Inflation device can pressurize the balloon expansion catheter in PTCA operation, ensuring that the balloon can make accurate filling or contraction to expand blood vessels and retain stents in blood vessels.

At present, inflation device is widely used to expand or contract the balloon of balloon expansion catheter. It can fill the balloon with liquid according to needs to change the balloon pressure and shape, expand the balloon, detect the pressure in the balloon and contract the balloon during balloon expansion.

The inflation device pressurizes and injects the contrast medium or normal saline solution into the affected part of the patient's cardiovascular disease and closely monitors the surgical treatment process through DSA equipment. If the coronary stent system placement is continued, the contrast agent can also be used to pressurize and relieve the used balloon through the inflation device to expand and place the stent.

The selection and use of inflation device need to consider the maximum pressure of balloon dilatation catheter and the degree of blood vessel expansion of patients.

How to choose high-quality inflation device?

The use of high-quality inflation device can effectively increase the blood flow velocity of lower limbs and reduce the deposition of blood in veins so as to effectively prevent the formation of thrombosis. At the same time, inflation device can also stimulate fibrin solvent, increase nerve and blood perfusion and oxygen, as well as reducing the probability of plasma clot. Therefore, inflation device is often used in the prevention of venous thrombosis in clinic.

The inflation device is used in clinical treatment that the production materials used should meet the hygienic requirements. In addition, the inflation device will produce air pressure when used so that the materials should have high strength and compressive capacity, otherwise the safety in the use process cannot be guaranteed.

The people who use the inflation device are patients that have health problems. Therefore, the surface of the inflation device shall not have parts and sharp corners that are easy to damage the human body. In addition, all materials shall not have toxic and side effects when in contact with the patient.

Under normal circumstances, high-quality inflation device has good tightness and large inflation volume, which can avoid the trouble caused by repeated operation. The display of inflation device is very clear and standard, which is convenient to observe and operate the pressure.

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