PTCA balloon catheter is the most common-used medical balloon catheter, it is a rapid-exchange type and has excellent pushability and trackability.
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Kossel focuses on medical balloon catheters since its founding, as a manufacturer, we select the most appropriate material, develop the refined craft, and follow the strict inspection steps
Now we already have PTCA, NC PTCA, CTO balloon catheter in cardiology field, PTA and HP PTA balloon catheter in peripheral field, the most common clinical sizes are covered.
In the future, drug-coated balloon catheter, chocolate balloon catheter, non-slip element balloon catheter, shock wave balloon catheter system will be launched gradually.
Product quality is the foundation of company development and brand awareness, we believe in this rule and follow it in daily work. We make sure all our medical balloon catheters are safe, accurate and professional. From design, we tried all possible options and chose the best one.
We also strictly selected balloon tubes, stretch machines, shaping machines, laser bonding machines, coating machines with high standards. We set inspection after every production step and all-aspects check for complete products.
We refine production craft periodically, study customers’ feedback and make improvements accordingly if necessary.
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OEM/ODM: Based on our current experienced teams and production craft, 
we also welcome OEM/ODM cooperation.


Help to dilate the target blood vessel rapidly.


It works perfectly in getting through the occlusion vessel.


The soft and tapered tip let the balloon get through lesions easily.

Customer 01

In the local largest hospital, a patient had a stent placed. However, the stent didn’t spread well due to severe calcification of the lesion, various NC balloon catheters were used at high pressure to the stent, but most balloons burst, but Kossel Selethru did not burst even at 34 atm, and the stent was stretched as the lime cracked. This procedure was recorded for broadcast at the conference in October.

Customer 02

PTCA and NC PTCA balloon catheters received good feedback from local doctors, the performance is as same as big brands.

Customer 03

Local doctors like Kossel balloon catheters, which fit their operation manipulations.
Radial Artery Tourniquet01.jpg
What is the function of radial artery tourniquet?

The radial artery tourniquet is mainly used by medical personnel to assist compression hemostasis after removing the puncture needle or indwelling needle in arterial puncture surgery. The pressure in air balloons is easily adjusted by specially designed syringe.

Inflation Device01.jpg
How does inflation device work?

In the process of clinical infusion and nursing, the high-quality inflation device has effectively improved the quality of intravenous infusion. In the application of a series of supporting devices such as inflation device, the relevant venous guide keys and corresponding functions have been brought into better play.

What are the parts of CTO balloon dilatation catheter?

CTO balloon dilatation catheter has been used in the dilative treatment of many diseases with good bending performance and smooth top design. High-quality CTO balloon dilatation catheter is made of nylon with good plasticity. The balloon can smoothly enter the semi or complete occluded lesion position through the forceps hole.





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