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Update Medical Manual Balloon Catheter Inflation Device

It is applied for pressurizing and deflating of blood vessel molding balloons or other interventional medical apparatus and instruments so as to measure the pressure within the balloon.
  • K-P-30,K-P-30S,K-P-30I,K-P-30IS

How to choose high-quality inflation device?

The use of high-quality inflation device can effectively increase the blood flow velocity of lower limbs and reduce the deposition of blood in veins so as to effectively prevent the formation of thrombosis. At the same time, inflation device can also stimulate fibrin solvent, increase nerve and blood perfusion and oxygen, as well as reducing the probability of plasma clot. Therefore, inflation device is often used in the prevention of venous thrombosis in clinic.

The inflation device is used in clinical treatment that the production materials used should meet the hygienic requirements. In addition, the inflation device will produce air pressure when used so that the materials should have high strength and compressive capacity, otherwise the safety in the use process cannot be guaranteed.

The people who use the inflation device are patients that have health problems. Therefore, the surface of the inflation device shall not have parts and sharp corners that are easy to damage the human body. In addition, all materials shall not have toxic and side effects when in contact with the patient.

Under normal circumstances, high-quality inflation device has good tightness and large inflation volume, which can avoid the trouble caused by repeated operation. The display of inflation device is very clear and standard, which is convenient to observe and operate the pressure.


  K-P-3030ATM, 20ML, O type handle without stopcock
  K-P-30S30ATM, 20ML, O type handle with stopcock
  K-P-30I30ATM, 20ML, I type handle without stopcock
  K-P-30IS30ATM, 20ML, I type handle with stopcock


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